Ab Magnusson & Stoor Oy has several years of experience in building custom designed interior structures for passenger ships and performing repairing, installation and maintenance services to ships. We make balustrades and railings for the public spaces  as well as galley and deck structures for passenger ships and ferries. We offer our services from service of mechanical parts up to complete interiors. 


In conjunction with building a new ship or making a major  conversion our design team and the customer work together to design the required part or modification. We use CAD-software and 3D-modeling as tools for the design work.

Fabrication, assembly and installations

A part, structure or system co-designed  and approved with a customer is made and assembled in our production and then installed into the structures of  customer's ship at an agreed point of time.

Welding, repair and service work

We perform ship welding, repair and service work with highly professional Finnish work force at a place where a customer needs them to be made, on new or repaired ships, whenever required.

Spare parts and supplies

Our network guarantees flexible and cost effective supply of different ship service parts and additional supplies, including Bergaflex solar protection for ship bridges.